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War Graves Longcross Cemetery

The following are the World War 1 War Graves in Longcross Cemetery - (please click on the names to access a photo and more information) :-

Private Joseph Clark
Deck Hand E C Curtis 
Petty Officer 1st Class Charley Dennis
Private Lionel Howard
Able Seaman W E Lock
First Engineer W J Milne
Private Harry Ridges
Private Harry George Rogers
Engineman James Taylor

New Website Commemorating Dartmouth's Great War Fallen

Dartmouth History Research Group have launched a new website commemorating the men of Dartmouth and surrounding areas who died in service during, or shortly after, the First World War.

Building on research undertaken by the Dartmouth History Research Group, they have compiled a database of 196 men who are named on the Town War Memorial, the memorials in three Dartmouth churches (St Saviour's, St Petrox and the Flavel Church), those commemorated by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission in cemeteries in Dartmouth, and those commemorated on private memorials and in news items and obituaries published in the Dartmouth Chronicle during and after the war, who were not recorded on public memorials in Dartmouth.

Their aim is to find out as much as they can about each individual - their place in the community, their service, and the circumstances of their deaths. Over the next five years, each individual's story will be published on the website, on the centenary of his death. Other general background articles will also be published from time to time. They hope thereby gradually to build a picture of the impact of the Great War on the community of Dartmouth, over the same timescale as the community of Dartmouth itself experienced the war, in a rolling programme of commemoration.

By way of illustration, on the 1st November 1914 eight Dartmouth men were killed serving on HMS Monmouth in the Battle of Coronel. On the 1st November 2014 they will publish the individual story of each of these eight men, together with a general article on the Battle of Coronel - the build-up, the action, and the aftermath - with special reference to the role played by HMS Monmouth.

You can use the Roll of Honour on the website to see when the men whom they are commemorating died, and hence when their individual stories will be published.

Dartmouth History Research Group hope that by visiting the website frequently over the next four or five years, people will build up a picture of the progress of the First World War, seen through the lens of the men (and boys) from a single community in South Devon who gave their lives in service to their country. They will announce the publication of significant new material on the website using Facebook and Twitter.

Please do visit the site at www.dartmouthgreatwarfallen.org (or "Google" Dartmouth Great War Fallen).