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Neighbourhood Plan for Dartmouth

12th July 2016


Neighbourhood Plan Responses Still Welcome

Public responses to the Dartmouth Neighbourhood Plan survey of local opinion are still coming in and will be accepted for another two weeks.

Speaking at a Guildhall meeting last Monday Working Group chairman Cllr Tony Fyson said “It is encouraging that the proportion of people replying to the 12-question inquiry into people’s opinions of Dartmouth now exceeds the level achieved by other recent town-wide surveys”.

But he added “The plan will take shape according to what local people tell us, so more replies are needed to impress the independent inspector who will examine our plan once it is completed”

The Working Group agreed to extend the deadline for sending in replies to July 31st 2016. It also urged more businesses to send in completed survey forms. “The regulations allow only local residents to vote for or against the plan in the final referendum” said Cllr Fyson. “But we are going to take notice of business opinion because the prosperity of the whole community depends on getting the right conditions for local enterprise”. The Group is also looking for more business input at its meetings.

Once the wishes of the population have been identified, special Topic groups will be set up to address the main issues. The proposals of these groups will be fed into a draft plan, where difficult compromises are likely to be needed to fit conflicting ideas together.

Anyone on the electoral role for the town will have the right to vote. The Working Group, on which Councillors are in the minority, urges everyone to send in their views at this early stage.

Extra survey forms are available for those who did not receive enough copies for every adult in their household. They can be collected from the Guildhall and the collection points in the Flavel and the Townstal Community Hall.

17th June 2016

Dartmouth Neighbourhood Plan Opinion Survey Launched

Dartmouth’s first public opinion survey for the town’s Neighbourhood Plan is about to start. Next week an information leaflet and a short questionnaire will drop through the letterboxes of adult residents living in the town. The views of local businesses will be collected too.

The aim is to establish the community’s priorities for the development and conservation of the town over the next 20 years. Anything affecting Dartmouth’s buildings and environment such as housing, work places, shops, transport, green spaces and parking could be included.

This plan represents a real chance for Dartmouth people to have a decisive say in the policies which will affect our town’s future. Once it is approved by a referendum of residents it will be adopted by South Hams District Council as the official plan for the town.

“This is a complicated undertaking” said Councillor Tony Fyson, who is Chairman of the special Working Group set up by the town council “but more than 2000 other places around the country are giving it a try and we should too”.

“We are gathering opinions and then we shall need evidence to support our policy proposals. We hope that over the next few months many people will contribute their ideas and expertise through our Topic Group meetings”.

“The Working Group has a key role in reconciling conflicting priorities” he added. “We shall need a spirit of compromise to make a coherent plan. But the public will have the final say on whether the plan should be adopted”.

Local people are asked to respond to a dozen questions. They include five which cover some straightforward personal information to allow the Working Group to identify the various interests of different sections of the community. All such information will be treated as strictly confidential and people can opt out of receiving further information about the plan-making process if they wish.

Completed survey forms can be returned by post to the Guildhall or delivered by hand there or at the Flavel Centre or the Townstal Community Hall. The closing date for this has been extended to 31st July 2016.



Neighbourhood Plan Area
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Dartmouth Town Council is pleased to facilitate the creation of a Neighbourhood Plan for the Town.

Involving the public is of crucial importance to the preparation of Dartmouth's Neighbourhood Plan. It will not be the District or the Town Council’s plan. The wider Community has a determining role and Town Councillors as their representatives facilitate the process.

Community engagement is therefore essential in developing consensus and creating community support and ownership. What people think about issues is part of the evidence on which the plan must be based and early input from the public should ensure that there is opportunity to influence the issues covered and the details of the plan rather than simply accept or reject a finished product.  The Neighbourhood Plan working group is in its infancy and if you would like to join please contact the Chairman Cllr Tony Fyson at anthonyfyson@gmail.com or the Clerk to the Town Council clerk@dartmouthtowncouncil.org or please do attend the meetings.  A briefing note on Neighbourhood Plans and the Terms of Reference for the group can be found by clicking on the following links:-

Neighbourhood Plans Briefing Note

Terms of Reference

A link to the earlier Market and Coastal Towns Initiative (MCTI) Plan can be found at http://www.communitiesinaction.org.uk/download/4149492c17f369360117f377aec50049/Dartmouth%20MCTi%20Plan%202004.pdf;jsessionid=0CA154B429C03B20DE65047EF2406E40 

The next meeting for the Neighbourhood Plan Working Group will be on Monday 11th July at 6 pm in the Clifton Room at the Guildhall.

You can view the minutes of the previous meetings of the Neighbourhood Plan working group below:- Minutes will be added following their approval by the group at the next meeting.

Meeting 1 - 12.06.14

Meeting 2 - 14.07.14
Meeting 3 - 15.09.14

Meeting 4 - 20.10.14

Meeting 5 - 24.11.14

Meeting 6 - 26.01.15

Meeting 7 - 23.02.15

Meeting 8 - 11.06.15

Meeting 9 - 29.07.15

Meeting 11 - 10.03.16

Meeting 12 - 19.04.16

Meeting 13 - 23.05.16

Meeting 14 Agenda - 11.07.16

The next meeting of the working group will be on Wednesday 3rd August 2016 at 9.30am in the Clifton Room at the Guildhall.

 Meetings are open to the public to attend and at the Chairman's discretion to take part.