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Community Corner

The Community Corner was completely refurbished during 2011 as part of a scheme to regenerate the Market.

The current accommodation consists of an extensively fitted out kitchen with a dishwasher and accommodates approximately 50 -60 people, with access from Charles Street and within the Market via steps. It also has its own toilet facilities.

It is currently being used by Dartmouth Caring for a lunch club on Wednesday, and a memory club on Thursdays, and the Over 60’s and Dartmouth Pensioners using it on other days of the week including Saturdays.

There are still several sessions available for hiring by community organizations, if you are interested then please contact us via our contact us page.

Morning Afternoon
Monday Over 60's 10am - 1 pm

Vacant - To Hire - Call 01803 832281

Tuesday Over 60's 10am - 1 pm Over 60's Bingo 2 pm

Dartmouth Caring
10.30 am - 2 pm

Dartmouth Pensioners
2 pm - 4 pm (3rd Wednesday)

Thursday Dartmouth Caring 10 am - 3 pm

Vacant - To Hire - Call 01803 832281

Friday Over 60's 10am - 1 pm
Saturday Over 60's 10am - 1 pm

Vacant - To Hire - Call 01803 832281