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The Guildhall- Wedding Venue

The Guildhall - A fantastic venue for your event!
The Guildhall 

We have several rooms available for hire within the Guildhall.

The Clifton Room will accommodate a maximum of 60 people and is ideal for meetings and other small events.


Clifton Room

The Ballroom will accommodate a maximum of 200 people. It has a stage at one end, making it ideal for dramatic or musical events. A kitchen with full cooking facilities is available on request. 

 Ballroom Interior 01
 Ballroom Interior 02
 Ballroom Interior 03

The Council Chamber within the Guildhall is mainly used for Council Committee meetings,
but is also used on a regular basis for Marriage Ceremonies, as the Council holds a Civil Marriage Licence.

Guildhall Interior 1 Guildhall Interior 2
Guildhall Interior 3
Guildhall Interior 4 Guildhall Interior 5

Booking Forms and current list of hire charges available:

The Guildhall Ballroom makes a wonderful venue for wedding receptions. 

An overview of the Guildhall

Guildhall – Main Building
Clifton room : used by local clubs societies and organisations and is a medium sized meeting room for the community.  
Council Chamber : used by local clubs societies and organisations and is relatively small with a formal atmosphere

Mayors Parlour : available for small meetings of any sort

Ballroom : with kitchen, and changing room facilities.
Used by the Film Society, Regatta, Food Festival, Music Festival and ideal to hire for large events from parties to shows, and musical events to weddings.

Guildhall Offices
Front office : small meeting room used by Devon County Council and other organisations

Main office : Three rooms used by Dartmouth Town Council to house staff and operations

Upper front office : rented out to local businesses
Upper rear office : rented out to local businesses

For further details regarding booking/hire charges of the above rooms, please contact the Council offices on (01803) 832281 or e-mail office@dartmouthtowncouncil.org