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Dartmouth is a seaport on the South Devon coast of England in the County of Devon. It is a famous centre for yachting and has a first-class harbour. The history of the area can be traced to Prehistoric times and the town's rich maritime past has been well documented for more than 800 years.

This is the official Website of Dartmouth Town Council which has been designed and constructed to provide what we hope will be a valuable resource of information to all residents of the town and a vehicle to find out more about what is happening within the Council and the wider Dartmouth community.

We wish for the site to be proactive as possible and to be a two way channel of advice assistance and information between its residents and the Town Council.

The above will be achieved by:

  1. Involving local people more in what is happening in the Town Council
  2. Engaging everyone in local issues

Individuals or organizations can come and talk to the Mayor in the Mayor's Parlour on any subject on a mutually agreed date. Arrangements can be made by email, telephone or in writing to the Council offices. For anyone house bound or having difficulties in attending the Mayor's Parlour, alternative arrangements can be made.

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